Raging Cannon Osk is a booking and production company that’s founded in 2013.

We offer booking & management services and also recording & production services. Raging Cannon is focused into metal and rock music. At the moment there are five bands on the board.
Kuoleman Galleria

Finnish Thrash Metal Patrol

RUINSIDE was formed in Tampere, Finland in the fall of 2005. After years of struggling with the line-up changes, the band finally found a solid basis for working professionally in 2010. The basic idea of RUINSIDE’s music style was formed and the band released their debut album ‘The Hunt’ in 2012 through Mighty Music, after releasing two demos and two EPs on their own.

Black ‘N’ Roll / Dark Metal act

In the world of KUOLEMAN GALLERIA there is no place for faith and hope arises briefly when you are scratching the last wet match desperately with your numb hands on a matchbox cover only to feel warm for a second. KUOLEMAN GALLERIA creates their music unconditionally and do not bow to any direction.

Acoustic cover band

AKUSTINEN OLOTILA is an acoustic rock cover trio. The band plays Finnish rock covers from different decades. Set list consists of Juice Leskinen, Hector, Leevi And The Leavings, Irwin Goodman, Eppu Normaali, Tehosekoitin etc.

In co-operation

In co-operation

In co-operation


Raging Cannon also offers studio services. If you want to record drums or guitars for example to your demo with a budget price just send us e-mail or a private message through Facebook.

Raging Cannon Osk

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